Burkina Faso


Movement Burkina Faso Work done construction of a well to care for 450 children of a school in Burkina Faso Work done Construction of a well to supply 450 children at a school in Burkina Faso Ambassador for the Umuntu Movement project in Burkina Faso. [...]



Movement Dr Congo Performed work Reforestation of the mountain Nyiragongo with tree seedlings Future plans Further support for the afforestation of the Nyiragongo Future plans Food safety by planting useful trees Performed work Clean water provided Future plans Construction of a well [...]



Movement Ghana Performed work beekeeping Future plans Education for people focusing on permaculture and the construction of self-sufficient ecosystems Performed work Permaculture and construction of self-sufficient ecosystems Future plans Construction of a well for an independent and clean drinking water supply Performed work [...]



Movement Malawi Performed work Waste management Plastic upcycling Production of briquettes Future plans Water refill station for the reduction of plastic bottles Expansion of briquette production Increase in waste management Performed work Environmental education Future plans Construction of a school for environmental education Performed work Permaculture [...]



Movement Uganda future plans Installation of a solar system Performed work Development of a module for a permaculture center for excellent learning and social entrepreneurship in East Africa. Future plans Construction of a permaculture centre Umuntu TV&Radio Station establishment of a permaculture social enterprise Performed work Implementation of [...]



Movement Nigeria Performed work Construction of a tree nursery for 20,000 Moringa tree seedlings and their transplantation at previously designated locations in Nigeria. Future plans Our goal is to offer computer and Internet lessons to around 200 children. Ecopreuneurship School program Performed work Earth drilling for clean [...]



Movement Nepal Performed work Waste management Geleistete Arbeit Promotion of the Green Club for environmental protection, cleanliness and bamboo cultivation for the production of reusable products. Encourage young people to grow plantations on birthdays under the motto "One Youth, One Plant". Future plans Permaculture [...]



Movement Kenya Future plans Reforestation Performed workPermacultureProduction of Organic Food Works performed Clean water supply future plans Reforestation Performed workPermacultureProduction of Organic Food Performed work Clean water supply Ambassador for Umuntu Movement Kenya Raymond Orianda and founder of Organic Food Kenya. [...]

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