The Millerntor Gallery by Viva con Agua

Every year the Millerntor Stadium, a well-established institution in the heart of the city, becomes an open platform for dialogue and exchange, where a heterogeneous audience meets on a local, international and intercultural level. Artistic works of all genres will encounter a diverse music, cultural and educational programme and demonstrate the different ways of participating in positive socio-ecological change.

More than 250 volunteer supporters*, numerous international artists* and creators of culture as well as approx. 17,000 visitors* will thus become actors* in civil society.

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Umuntu as ambassador

On 06 July 2019 Viva con Agua invited us to the Millerntor Gallery in Hamburg. We had the great honour to present Umuntu and its non-profit movement with a small stand and a presentation platform.

After the arrival on Saturday we were warmly welcomed and were allowed to place our stand in the middle of the great art and the charitable projects of Viva con Agua. Immediately afterwards we were led to the so-called “Living Room”, the living room-like presentation room with a special feel-good atmosphere. After many interesting conversations with activists and visitors, Fabio Hüther was allowed to give a detailed presentation about the Umuntu Movement in the Living Room.

It was a great pleasure to meet so many great people and we would like to thank Viva con Agua for their open-minded hospitality. We are looking forward to future collaborations with Viva con Agua and can hardly wait to make the world a better place in collaboration.

All for WATER – Water for ALL !

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