When Umuntu was founded, the change from “Bee The Change” to “Umuntu Movement” was actually the birth of the Ecopreneurship Cycle, which summarizes Umuntu’s current business model in one term.

The focus is on Umuntu’s innovative water filter technology. In theory, it enables everyone in the world to have access to clean water. Through Umuntu GmbH, the business branch of the Ecopreneurship Cycle, Umuntu generates the necessary financial resources to finance, organize and coordinate the many aid projects of the Umuntu Movement worldwide. Thus, these two business areas of Umuntu form an inseparable symbiosis. The business finances the Movement and the Movement ensures awareness as well as a lived change in society on the subject of “clean water”.

This has resulted in the most sustainable business model that we at Umuntu can imagine. And as we firmly believe, this business model has a potential that we do not even suspect.


“Clean water like premature Swiss mountain spring water!”

Uncompromisingly clean drinking water thanks to nanofiltration. The U!SER-drink filters drug residues, microplastics, hormones, pesticides, nitrates, bacteria and 500 other pollutants from your drinking water on a purely physical basis. Soft, oxygen-rich and renaturalized water thanks to the physical Umuntu rotation process.

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The goal of Umuntu Movement is divided in two and represents a cycle in the classical Umuntu way of thinking. First of all, we want to help as many needy people as possible. Whether with clean water, educational or environmental projects. Because Umuntu is as diverse as the world itself. 

  • Environment

  • Agriculture

  • Ecopreneurship

  • Water

At the same time we would like to invite as many people as possible to be part of the Movement, to give their lives even more meaning and to experience through a large community what is possible when people work together on change.

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At the end of 2018, our unique approach of using a sustainable business to finance a socio-ecological movement was honored with the SEAL Award for special environmental and sustainability initiatives – as one of twelve companies worldwide.