Umuntu – means as much as humanity. In particular, Umuntu means that man cannot live in isolation. There is something about networking in the word. As a person one cannot live only for oneself. And if you have this gift, namely Umuntu, then you are known for your generosity.

Far too often we see ourselves only as individuals who live separately from each other. We are all connected and what one individual does affects the whole world. If you do your thing well, it will spread to all of humanity.

In its origin Umuntu is an ideology. But unlike most ideologies, which always have some negative associations with them, such as naivety, wrong views or useless optimism, Umuntu embodies a concept worth striving for. Just as people are connected, be it socially, politically or otherwise, our actions also affect our fellow human beings. Umuntu sees exactly that and shows how we should behave morally correct, in the sense of the common good, because everything and no matter what we do has consequences for the people around us.

Umuntu – because clean water is a human right.