Umuntu GmbH believes it has a responsibility to supply humans and the environment with clean water. We do not consider clean water to be the private privilege of a few groups, but rather a human right for every single person. Encouraging this and making it in reality is both our vision and our mission.

In particular, we want to achieve a sustainable reduction in the increasing “plasticisation” and pollution of our food and water cycles.

How? Umuntu has developed a unique new filter technology capable of removing 99% of microplastics and known pollutants and toxins. This enables us to offer clean, natural water in harmony with all ecological principles.

While other people are discussing permissible limits, Umuntu lives sustainability. We view clean water as a central medium linking everything together; it is used in almost all production processes and has crucial importance to life in general.

Umuntu GmbH is committed to consistent, sustainable ecological awareness, along with social responsibility and social engagement. Umuntu defines this as “Ecopreneurship”, and we invite everyone to become a part of our movement.

“Do something good for yourself and the world – with Umuntu”

Trees planted per year
Kilogram of CO2 compensated
Litres of collected waste per week
Good deed per day


Together, we create the difference.

Umuntu GmbH is a really great business with a sustainable idea. We drink Umuntu in order to protect our own generation and those coming after us: a small sip with a big effect. I support the Umuntu GmbH business philosophy and fully support the business founders.

Jaime Keller

Umuntu GmbH is a brave step for Fabio Hüther – a big, bold, and long-necessary step. The water industry will be sustainably revolutionised by his vision. He even manages to create more additional value for humanity and the environment with his own projects. Plus, I am happy that I am making an active contribution with every sip.

Johannes „Balou“ Mayer

We drink so much water throughout the day and we have to accept that we are putting lots of pollutants into our bodies. So it’s high time for companies like Umuntu GmbH, who make it possible to drink quality water again. Since it’s all produced sustainably, regionally and fairly, we can enjoy it with a good conscience.

Judith Rusch

Clean water is a key pillar of a healthy diet. Thanks to Umuntu I have one less worry.

Elias Ullmann

“Umuntu GmbH represents a sustainable business. It is the living proof that every one of us can contribute to changing our world. Healthy water is almost impossible to find today, but thanks to Umuntu water, I have now found an inexpensive alternative. Since discovering Umuntu, I drink the specified two litres of water every day – I just can’t enjoy ordinary water.”

Remo Hüther

The best thing about Umuntu is the philosophy. I am because we are. The goal of doing something good for the individual and also the whole of humanity. I found myself very impressed by Mr Hüther’s iron will and perseverance. He is living evidence that we ourselves have to be the change we wish to see in the world. Although it is hard to put this into practice, he embodies the motto conscientiously, passionately – and successfully. Finally, we can say that Umuntu represents sustainability, efficiency and wellbeing in a single package.

Louis Felber

As a “fitness junkie”, I have only the highest praise for Umuntu! Fabio is a well-positioned young man with great vision and application. We find the way this young company is working for the future to be very impressive, and something that should be close to all of our hearts! After all, our environment and health are key parts of our life. Umuntu works very hard on these and we have a great deal of respect for the company. We therefore wish them all the best for the future and believe firmly in their vision.

Marc Engel

For the last few years, I’ve been working on informing, structuring, and energising water. Whether it’s for drinking, cleaning, washing, cooking, or watering plants, this water works miracles. I feel more vitalised and happier since I started drinking Umuntu GmbH water. The philosophy “I am, because we are” is very inspiring and valuable to me. Most businesses could learn something from it.

Claudia Neuweiler

CLC – Career Lifecycle Consultancy has the great pleasure and honour of having accompanied Fabio Hüther and Umuntu GmbH since the business idea was first born. The opportunity to share in the motto “I am because we are” and Umuntu GmbH’s values-based principles is a great gift to us as a business consultancy. The entire business idea is 100% focussed on sustainable wellbeing of the consumers, has been thought through ecologically, and as a result also achieves a higher purpose. The success of Umuntu GmbH speaks for itself, and CLC is delighted to be committed to accompanying the firm on its successful journey forward.

Björn Gross

As a former motocross professional, I know how important concentration is. Water from Umuntu GmbH helps me focus better and improve my performance as a result. What’s more, I can keep riding motocross with a clear conscience, because I know I’m making an active contribution to the environment with every bottle.

Sebastian Scheiber

I had the pleasure of spending a very special day with Fabio today. Why was it a special day for me? Because it showed me that a young person with an active conscience for the future of humanity and the environment can give something valuable back through his work, and is indeed doing so. Fabio has developed his own business, Umuntu GmbH. Its philosophy in a nutshell is: “Think globally, act locally”. For this reason, Fabio rejected a very tempting offer to found a public company, which impressed me very much. A CEO while still a student, he is a person who favours a life and mindset geared towards humanity and the world, someone who rebels against industrialisation. Umuntu water tastes delicious and each of us can make a significant contribution to the environment by consuming it. Umuntu is still a start-up and is looking for like-minded people who enjoy their lives in the harmony of give and take.

Jolanthe Pedrotti

Tap water and mineral water are no longer what they used to be. Umuntu water offers an alternative. Even as a student, I can afford it, plus I’m helping the environment. The Umuntu GmbH philosophy is incredibly inspiring and valuable for our society.

Sebastian Scheiber

Sustainability is an important topic for all of us. My colleague Fabio Hüther has been calling for something to be done to combat the destruction of the environment ever since we were both students together, and has now turned his words into action. Powerful action! The idea is fantastic and I’m certain that, thanks to Umuntu, the future looks brighter for us and we will soon be able to enjoy visible positive changes in the environment.

Serhat Ceyhan

I had the pleasure of meeting Fabio for the first time in 2013. During the training, I noticed that he always brought a glass bottle to the course with him. When I asked him about it one day, he told me about his history with cancer. What astounded me was not so much that he had defeated cancer. It was his attitude to his “disease”. The knowledge that he has collected about bodily health, the functioning and needs of a healthy body, is vast. I have never seen anything like it in anyone else. With his authentic manner, he managed to get many people around him to start thinking differently within a very short time. It wasn’t enough for him “just” to be able to help the people close to him. Oh no, Fabio wanted more! The philosophy of his company isn’t mere words, it is Fabio himself. The most effective way to get other people to think differently is to be a living example – a kind of mental “hand holding”.

Fabio Maragno

I treasure Fabio’s courage and entrepreneurial spirit! However, above all I value the fact that he and Umuntu don’t just promote water, but work intensively on the topic.

Sesto Giovanni Castagnoli

Water from Umuntu GmbH is unusually energising. I and my clients feel the energy coming to us with every sip. You also notice it detoxing and purging you within just a few days. It’s ideal for fitness enthusiasts because it significantly improves performance and stamina.

Michael Pasetto

The Umuntu philosophy stands for the good in our world. This value system matches mine exactly. That’s why I’m so positive and enthusiastic about Umuntu! You feel the effects of the water immediately and it tastes incredibly good. The best thing is to try for yourself.

Alejandra Macias
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