Life taught me humility and gratitude at a time when I was supposed to live my childhood in lightness and carelessness. My view of me and the world suddenly became another. I wanted to give my life a higher meaning and make something of the preciousness of life, of my life. The theme “Clean water and its healing, all-connecting effect” accompanied me from then on. After my own godchild Muzeyi Ogwa had died of cholera and contaminated water in Africa, the vision of Umuntu began to grow in me and finally ended in 2017 in Umuntu GmbH and his Movement.

  • Founder and CEO

  • Management, Sales, Technology, Products, Research and Development, Head of Umuntu Movement


To enrich oneself as friends, to share one another’s own development and to create something bigger together has been my bond with Fabio Hüther since my youth. Seeing his way to Umuntu has always inspired me. Doing something together to make the world a better place fills me with pride.

  • Partner and Head of Technical Services

  • Coordination craftsmanship and installation partner


Prof. Dr. med. Matthias Heiliger
Prof. Dr. med. Matthias Heiliger
  • MHM Consultants GmbH – CEO/Medical Director

  • Member of the Board of the Thurgau Cantonal Committee of the Swiss umbrella organisation for complementary medicine

  • Doctor of Gynaecology and Obstetrics, Balneology, Endocrinology and Regulation Medicine

Martin Fuchs
Martin Fuchs
  • Dipl. Engineer (TU Munich), specializing in mechanical engineering

  • Managing Director Fuchs Heizung & Sanitär GmbH Tägerwilen

  • Electrobiologist to IIREC () (International Institute for EMV-Forschung, A-Krems/Donau)

  • Speaker at the Center for Electrobiology and Natural Regeneration, among others

Markus Wantscha
Markus Wantscha
  • Dipl. Engineer (TU Munich), Electrical Power Engineering

  • Project engineer for air defence systems at Krauss Maffei

  • CEO Iron and Bell Foundry Salzburg

  • Water treatment engineer ElisaSysteme

  • Author for Celtic History and Philosophy